How to "Play" Holi?

Holi is "played." It is played by spraying and smearing colors on others. Packets of dry colors, called Gulal, will be available for sale at the festival. Gulal is a very smooth powder, made by mixing food coloring in food grade corn starch.

Color Zone

The color play stays in the "color zone." There are people who may wish to enjoy watching the festive celebration, but not get colors on themselves. Its important that we grant them the space. Should you wish to only observe, and not play colors, please do not enter the zone. Its always a good idea to enough buffer space, so that you are not caught in the middle of a color fight.

Kid's zone

This year there will be a distinct area for children. In order to ensure that there was enough space to create a distinct children's area, the festival location has been moved to a different part of Girard Park--the area closer to UL Alumni Center.

The children's area will be for children and their parents. The children area will also have water and water guns. Water will be restricted to children's area due to logistics constraints and due to safety concerns raised by the Lafayette Park Police.

Protocol for playing with colors

How you splash or smear colors on others depend on the level of familiarity with the person. Between friends and family almost anything (acceptable in public) goes. You may take a handful of color and smear it on your friend's head, face, and neck. For those you know, but are not real close to make physical contact, you may take a pinch of color and smear on their forehead or cheek. For complete strangers, smile, say Happy Holi, and put colors only if the other person accepts.

The festival will feature color throw and color dance, accompanied to Bollywood music. So make sure you have plenty of colors with you.

Caution:Please do not throw colors at someone's face. It is not fun when colors go in ones eyes, mouth, or nose. It can instantly turn a fun filled day into a disaster, and you would not wish that to your family and friends. Happy Holi!!!