What to Expect?

Its probably evident from the pictures and videos on the page, yet its worth stating again. Holi is celebrated with colors, literally "WITH" colors. You splash colors on each other.

Lafayette Holi will feature colors, a lot of colors, dry colors, wet colors, and all colors of colors. The color we will use is called "Gulal". This particular variety is made of food grade corn starch mixed with food coloring and fragrance. The colors are non-hazardous.

Besides colors, the festival will have music and dance. Unlike Cajun festivals held in Girard Park, Lafayette Holi will feature Bollywood music and dancing. Be prepared to enact a "Grease"-like dancing to Bollywood tunes.

There will also be Indian food sold at very modest prices. There will also be pizza, Kona-ice cream truck, Sub Zero Ice Cream, and beer.

Don't forget to checkout our "Holi Survival Guide" page. It's worth emphasizing. By the time the festival is done you are likely to be full of colors and very likely to be all wet. The "Holi Survival Guide" provides some guidance on how to prepare for it.